Ísafjörður in detail

Flights & getting there


Air Iceland Connect flies between Ísafjörður Airport, 5km south on the fjord, and Reykjavík's domestic airport twice daily. It also offers day tours.

A Flybus, timed to meet flights, runs between Ísafjörður and the airport (1000kr); it stops near Hótel Ísafjörður. The bus also goes onto Bolungarvík (1500kr).


In summer, West Tours and Borea ferries to Hornstrandir depart from the Sundahöfn docks on the eastern side of the town promontory.


Ísafjörður is the major bus hub in the Westfjords. The long-distance bus stop is at the tourist information centre.

Westfjords Adventures services:

  • From June to August there's a bus to Patreksfjörður (9900kr) and Brjánslækur (the terminal for the Stykkishólmur ferry; 8400kr) via Þingeyri, Dynjandi and Flókalundur (one daily each direction Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
  • You must pre-book in late May and early September.
  • There are no buses from mid-September to late-May.

The following buses run from Ísafjörður from around mid-May to early-September (services are reduced in the winter):

Bus to Hólmavík (7000kr, three hours, three per week) Operated by Hópferðamiðstöð Vestfjarða. Book the day before.

Bus to Reykjavík (13,900kr, seven hours, three per week) Catch a bus to either Hólmavík or Brjánslækur then transfer. From Hólmavík, catch Strætó bus 59 to Borgarnes, where you transfer again. From Brjánslækur, take the ferry to Stykkishólmur then catch Strætó bus 58 to Borgarnes and onto Reykjavík from there.

Bus to Akureyri Take the bus to Brjánslækur, ferry to Stykkishólmur, overnight there, then continue by bus the next morning, transferring in Borgarnes (25,500kr, 24 hours, three per week). Or go via Hólmavík to Borgarnes and transfer onto Akureyri from there (19,400kr, 12 hours, three per week). Do note though that the latter option is only completed in one day on Sunday – on Wednesday and Friday you need to overnight in either Borgarnes or Bifröst. This route is operated by Hópferðamiðstöð Vestfjarða and Strætó buses.

Municipal buses stop at Pollgata on the waterfront:

  • Flateyri and Þingeyri (350kr, three to four daily Monday to Friday)
  • Suðureyri (350kr, 20 minutes, three to four daily Monday to Friday)
  • A bus for Bolungarvík (1000kr, 15 minutes, five daily Monday to Friday) leaves from the kiosk at Hamraborg, near the Netto supermarket.

Check with the information centre or www.westfjords.is for current schedules.


For ride-sharing check www.samferda.net.