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Westfjords Heritage Museum

Westfjords Heritage Museum

Part of a cluster of historic wooden buildings by the harbour, this museum is in the Turnhús (1784), which was originally a warehouse. It's crammed with fishing and nautical exhibits, tools from the whaling days,...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Ísafjörður

Museum of Everyday Life

Celebrating the magic of the mundane is the aim of the powerful, creative displays here, where shoes, books and mini-movies each come with personal narratives and story fragments. As an intriguing insight into...

Cultural Centre in Ísafjörður

Culture House

The intensely close-knit nature of Westfjords life is evoked in the 2nd-floor displays in what was once the town hospital. Look out for vintage scales for newborns, a disturbing hacksaw and an eye-watering enema...

Area in Ísafjörður

Old Town

Ísafjörður's historic quarter borders it's eastern edges. Start explorations in Tangagata to see gabled, tin-clad homes, often brightly painted in patriotic russet red or blue, trimmed with white. Look out for...

Church in Ísafjörður


More than 740 clay birds, arranged in flight soar above the altarpiece of this modernist church.They were made by locals during a group art project. Look out too for the brass plaques showing the sites of graves...

Monument in Ísafjörður

Seamen's Monument

Ísafjörður's big bronze Seaman's Monument depicts two fishermen with their nets and commemorates those who've lost their lives at sea.

Landmark in Ísafjörður

Whalebone Arch

Of minor interest is the whalebone arch made from a whale’s jawbone in the central town park.