Top Choice Cafe in Hvolsvöllur & Around

Eldstó Art Café

Eldstó serves fresh-brewed coffee, homemade daily specials (such traditional Icelandic flatbread with smoked lamb and hot chocolate for 1350kr) and main courses like slowly roasted lamb shank or oven baked salmon. B…
Buffet in Hvolsvöllur & Around

Katla Restaurant

Those looking for a hearty feed should head inside the LAVA Centre, where a large modern dining area serves a decent buffet. Fill up on soup, bread, salad, a number of mains like fish, pork, meatballs and chicken, p…
Fast Food in Hvolsvöllur & Around

Gallerí Pizza

The town pizzeria, one street back from the main road, is a busy, no-frills place with vinyl booths and 20 different pies to try, from mixed seafood or the lava (with pepperoni, mushrooms, garlic, olives, jalapeños …
Fast Food in Hvolsvöllur & Around

Bjork Restaurant

It has no frills and zero atmosphere, but if you're looking for a quick fix, Bjork Restaurant is undoubtably one of the cheapest eating options in town. Mains include fish and chips, hamburgers and pizzas. It's atta…
Food & Drinks in Hvolsvöllur & Around

Kronan Supermarket