Hvítá River Valley attractions

Top Choice Volcano in Hvítá River Valley


Around 15.5km north of Selfoss on Rte 35, Kerið is a 6500-year-old explosion crater with vivid red and sienna earth and containing an ethereal green lake. Björk once performed a concert from a floating raft in the m…
Historic Site in Hvítá River Valley


For centuries (between 1056 to 1785) Skálholt was a political and cultural hub in Iceland, and one of only two areas overseen by bishops. In the wealthy settlement was a school, farms, a monastery and living quarter…
Zoo in Skálholt

Slakki Petting Zoo

For more than 20 years, this petting zoo in small-town Iceland has been a popular hang-out for families passing through the village of Laugarás. Orphaned foxes live in the outside garden, locked away from goats, bun…
Church in Skálholt

Skálholt Church

This modern church was built to replace the Skálholt cathedral, which was demolished by an earthquake in the 1700s. The museum in the basement tells the story of this historical religious base.