Camping is the main way to stay in Hornstrandir. There are also three options for sleeping-bag accommodation in the main part of Hornstrandir: Hesteyri village, Hornbjargsviti and Grunnavík. Two additional options are in the far-eastern part of the reserve at Reykjarfjörður and Bolungarvík.


Camping in Hornstrandir is free. Carry out all rubbish, and stick to designated campgrounds: wild camping is prohibited in the nature reserve. All campsites have dry latrines. Latrine doors are weighed down with heavy timber to prevent near-certain wind damage if they are left open, so be sure to secure the door after use.

Camping on private grounds with facilities costs from around 1500kr per person. Expect to pay upwards of 5000kr for sleeping-bag space, which must be reserved well in advance, especially in Hesteyri.