Top things to do in Eskifjörður

Top Choice Icelandic in Eskifjörður


This extraordinary boathouse dates from 1890, and when new owners entered it in 2008, they found it untouched for 80-odd years. The upstairs sleeping quarters of the fishermen have remained as they were found; downs…
Thai in Eskifjörður

Hús Fílsins - Ban Chang

There's nothing quite like stumbling across unexpected flavours in small-town Iceland. This small, sweet restaurant (housed at Guesthouse Askja) does a lunchtime plate (2000kr) that's popular with local workers, and…
Mine in Eskifjörður


The remains of the world’s largest spar quarry lie east of Eskifjörður. Iceland spar (silfurberg in Icelandic) is a type of calcite crystal that is completely transparent and can split light into two parallel beams.…
Bar in Eskifjörður


You can’t miss the oversized coffee cup announcing this place, primarily a restaurant-bar (kitchen closes at 9.30pm) and pub hang-out for locals. There’s also a cluster of rooms (single/double 9000/13,600kr) in the …
Museum in Eskifjörður

Sjóminjasafn Austurlands

Inside the 1816 black timber warehouse ‘Gamlabuð’, the East Iceland Maritime Museum illustrates two centuries of the east coast’s historic herring, shark and whaling industry. For more salty-dog stories, be sure to …
Supermarket in Eskifjörður


For picnic supplies and self-catering. There's an ATM out front, too.