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Top Choice Icelandic in Egilsstaðir


Some of the east's most creative cooking happens at the restaurant inside Gistihúsið – Lake Hotel Egilsstaðir. The menu is an ode to locally sourced produce (lamb, fish, game), and the speciality is the beef, raised…
Museum in Egilsstaðir

Minjasafn Austurlands

Egilsstaðir’s cultural museum has sweet displays focusing on the region's history, and includes exhibits detailing the wild reindeer of the east.
International in Egilsstaðir


We understand the appeal of this cool cafe-bistro, which offers one of the most diverse menus in regional Iceland. Unfortunately, Salt can struggle with the large crowds it attracts, and service suffers. The food, h…
International in Egilsstaðir

Café Nielsen

Based in Egilsstaðir’s oldest house, cottagey Café Nielsen offers a wide-ranging, crowd-pleasing menu that roams from lobster soup to (pricey) reindeer by way of nachos and barbecue ribs; the kitchen closes at 10pm.…
Fast Food in Egilsstaðir


Refuel your car and your body at Söluskálinn at the busy N1 service station on the Ring Road.
Supermarket in Egilsstaðir


On the Ring Road north of the N1.
Alcohol in Egilsstaðir


Government-run liquor store.
Music in Egilsstaðir

JEA Jazz Festival

In October, Iceland's oldest jazz fest takes place in Egilsstaðir.
Cultural in Egilsstaðir


The possible existence of the lake monster is a good excuse for this five-day cultural carnival held in mid-August. It's full of family events and live music.
Cultural in Egilsstaðir

Dagar Myrkurs

Over five days in early November, throughout East Iceland, the ‘Days of Darkness’ celebrates the failing light and the onset of winter with ghost stories, Northern Lights spotting and torch-lit processions.