East Iceland in detail

Flights & getting there

The Visit East Iceland website (www.east.is) outlines transport to/from and within the region.


Egilsstaðir’s airport is 1km north of town. Air Iceland Connect (www.airicelandconnect.is) flies three times daily year-round between Egilsstaðir and Reykjavík Domestic Airport (ie not Keflavík International Airport). Flights are popular (and in peak winter may offer the only transport connection).


Egilsstaðir is a major stop on the Ring Road, but in summer 2018 there was no longer a direct bus service linking Egilsstaðir with Höfn.

It is possible, though hard work, to find a way to travel this route to the southeast using local buses operated by SVAust, but at the time of research it involved three separate bus journeys – local bus 1 from Egilsstaðir to Reyðarfjörður, bus 2 from Reyðarfjörður to Breiðdalsvík, then bus 4 from Breiðdalsvík to Höfn. We suggest you check carpooling sites or ask around at your accommodation to try to get a lift.

Strætó is the only busline linking Egilsstaði with Akureyri with Mývatn in the north. Pick-up and drop-off is at the campground:

  • Bus 56 to Reykjahlíð, Mývatn (5980kr, two hours, one daily).
  • Bus 56 to Akureyri (8280kr, 3½ hours, one daily).


Practical Tip: Route Options

Driving between Egilsstaðir and Djúpivogur, there are three options: two mountain roads and one fjordside route – the fjordside road is now the official Rte 1 (Ring Road), after authorities re-routed the highway in November 2017.

All three options are incredibly panoramic. In winter, Route 1 is often the only option – any closures are outlined on www.road.is. Note that many GPS units and Google maps automatically follow Rte 939 as it's the shortest option, but do give some consideration as to whether it's the best route for you (and do not attempt it when signs say 'Impassable').

Note that routes here are described heading south from Egilsstaðir; for motorists heading north from Djúpivogur, read these directions in reverse.

  • Rte 1 The Ring Road now travels via the fjords Reyðarfjörður, Fáskrúðsfjörður and Stöðvarfjörður.
  • Rte 95 From Egilsstaðir, Rte 95 (the former Ring Road) heads south, descending steeply from the empty moors of Breiðdalsheiði heath and travelling east through the scenic Breiðdalur valley to Breiðdalsvík, then weaving along the coast to Djúpivogur. Some 25km of this route is gravel (Breiðdalsheiði and Breiðdalur). In winter, bad weather and snowfall often closes the mountain road at Breiðdalsheiði.
  • Rte 939 A summer-only, gravel short cut off Rte 95 which runs via the Öxi mountain pass (this is not a great option in bad weather or fog, and is closed in winter). This road turns off Rte 95 about 45km south of Egilsstaðir, connecting with the head of Berufjörður after 19km. It's steep, and not for novice drivers.