Dýrafjörður attractions

Beach in Dýrafjörður


On the northern edge of Dýrafjörður, Rte 624 forks off west from Rte 60. It turns into a dirt road and passes an abandoned farmhouse before swerving inland to head over the top of the rugged peninsula. It takes abou…
Museum in Þingeyri

Old Blacksmith's Workshop

It was the first of its kind in Iceland when it was created in 1913, and today Þingeyri's atmospheric Old Blacksmith's Workshop is still crammed with original machinery and tools. It's part of Ísafjörður's Westfjord…
Gardens in Dýrafjörður


One of Iceland’s oldest botanic gardens sits on the lower slopes of the fjordside valleys on Dýrafjörður's northern edge. Teeny Skrúður was established as a teaching garden in 1909. You'll see arched whalebones at o…