Top Choice Ruins in Búrfell & Around


Buried by white volcanic ash in 1104 during one of Hekla’s eruptions, this ancient farm once belonged to Gaukur Trandilsson, a 10th-century Viking who lived a tempestuous life. Excavated in 1939 (Iceland’s first pro…
Top Choice Canyon in Búrfell & Around


A walking path from Stöng farm takes you a couple of kilometres to a lovely lush little valley, Gjáin, full of twisting lava, other-worldly caves and spectacular waterfalls. The dirt road from Stöng also continues o…
Top Choice Waterfall in Búrfell & Around


From Stöng you can walk 9km northeast along a 4WD track to Iceland’s second-highest waterfall, Háifoss, which plunges 122m off the edge of a plateau into an undulating lava canyon. You can also get most of the way t…
Waterfall in Búrfell & Around


Twenty-six kilometres northeast of Árnes along Rte 32, take a short (1km) detour along a signposted track to this delightful waterfall. The azure falls tumble in two chutes over twisted basalt columns and into a dee…
Notable Building in Búrfell & Around


Þjóðveldisbærinn is a reconstruction of Stöng, exactly reproducing its layout and its neighbouring church. Find it near the entrance to the Búrfell Power Station.