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Pit Stop!

Halfway between Egilsstaðir and Borgarfjörður on Rte 94 sits one of East Iceland’s quirkier roadside wonders: a pea-green-coloured hut surrounded by miles of nothingness. Built by a local eccentric, the structure is simply a hut to house a solar-powered refrigerated vending machine. If the power is off, flick the ‘on’ switch (we’re not kidding) and wait two minutes (you can sign the guestbook while waiting). Then, voila: a refreshingly cold beverage or snack. Note: Icelandic coins required.


A year-round weekday bus service (1800kr, one hour) operates between the Fjarðarborg community centre (departs 8am) and Egilsstaðir (departs from the Egilsstaðir campground at noon).


The village is 70km from Egilsstaðir along Rte 94, about half of which is sealed (accessible by 2WD in summer). It winds steeply up over the Dyrfjöll mountains before dropping down to the coast.

There’s a petrol pump close to the entry to the village.