There are loads of well-marked trails criss-crossing the area around Borgarfjörður – everything from easy one-hour strolls to serious mountain hiking. For a full array, get your hands on the Borgarfjörður Eystri & Víknaslóðir Hiking Map – Trails of the Deserted Inlets (1000kr). It's sold at most places in town, and also in Egilsstaðir visitor centres.

A good source of hiking information is the website of the Touring Club of Fljótsdalshérað (www.ferdaf.is). It has a summer program of walks and welcomes participants.

If you prefer to plan guided day or multiday hikes, there are a few options; most companies can help with transfers from Egilsstaðir. Contact Travel East Iceland, Borg Guesthouse or Wild Boys.

Borgarfjörður to Seyðisfjörður Hike

Wildly wonderful and unexplored, the rugged country between Borgarfjörður and Seyðisfjörður makes for one of the best multi-day hikes in the region.

To plan your journey, pick up a copy of the Borgarfjörður Eystri & Víknaslóðir Hiking Map – Trails of the Deserted Inlets (1000kr), and contact Travel East Iceland or Wild Boys if you’re looking for a guide. For hiker huts along this route, see www.ferdaf.is.

In summer, Icelandic Mountain Guides (www.mountainguides.is) offers both a guided and a self-guided six-day package of this walk (called 'Hiking at the End of the World') and they arrange transfers and hut bookings etc.

Day 1 Start at Kolbeinsfjara, 4km outside the township of Borgarfjörður Eystri, and venture up into the mountains along the Brúnavíkurskarð pass (trail #19 on the map). Turn south (along trail #21) at the emergency hut in Brúnavík, passing beautiful Kerlingarfjall further on. After your five- to six-hour hike (12.5km), settle in for the night at the outfitted farmhouse/campsite in Breiðavík.

Day 2 Next day features another stunning five hours of hiking (13.5km along trail #30). You’ll first walk through the grassy leas below Hvítafjall, then link up with the 4WD track heading south to the Húsavík lodge, where you’ll spend the second night. The land between Breiðavík and Húsavík is infested with hidden people – the elf sheriff lives at Sólarfjall and the elf bishop lives at Blábjörg further south along the coast.

Day 3 Another 14km of trails are tackled in five hours of hiking (along trail #37) as the path reunites with the sea at silent Loðmundarfjörður. The 4WD track ends at the Klyppstaður lodge on the Norðdalsá river delta at the uppermost point of the fjord.

Day 4 The last day links Loðmundarfjörður to Seyðisfjörður over 12km (trail #41). At the highest point of the mountain pass you’ll find a logbook signed by previous hikers. As you venture down into Seyðisfjörður, you’ll be treated to a watery fanfare of gushing chutes.