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Getting There & Away

Bus travel in the Zemplén Hills requires frequent changes and careful timing; few buses run daily, though you can reach Debrecen (1830Ft, two hours, 88km) via Nyíregyháza (800Ft, 45 minutes, 35km) twice a day and Sárospatak (800Ft, 50 minutes, 31km) three times daily. Buses arrive and depart from Serház utca, east of Kossuth tér.

Tokaj's train station is 1.2km south of the town; walk north for 15 minutes along Baross Gábor utca and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca to Rákóczi Ferenc út. Up to 16 trains a day head west through Miskolc (1120Ft, one hour, 56km) to Budapest Keleti (4485Ft, 3¼ hours, 238km), and east through Nyíregyháza (650Ft, 40 minutes, 32km) to Debrecen (1680Ft, 2 hours, 81km). To travel north to Sárospatak (1120Ft, 1½ hours, 54km), change at Szerencs.