Top Choice Church in Tihany

Benedictine Abbey Church

This twin-spired and ochre-coloured church is the dominating feature in the small village of Tihany. Built in 1754 on the site of King Andrew’s church, this impressive house of God contains fantastic altars, pulpits…
Museum in Tihany

Benedictine Abbey Museum

This museum, next door to the Abbey Church in the former Benedictine monastery, is entered from the church crypt. It contains exhibits on Lake Balaton, liturgical vestments, religious artefacts, a handful of manuscr…
Museum in Tihany

Open-air Folk Museum

This cluster of folk houses with thick thatch roofs that have been turned into a small outdoor museum.
Hill in Tihany


You'll find Visszhang-hegy at the end of Pisky sétány. At one time, up to 15 syllables of anything shouted in the direction of the Abbey Church would bounce back but, alas, because of building in the area (and perha…