Gallery in Szentendre

Szentendre Art Mill

This enormous gallery, spread over three floors of an old mill, exhibits both local and national artists and underscores Szentendre’s renewed commitment to become once again a centre for serious art. Its extensive e…
Museum in Szentendre

Anna-Ámos Collection

Bogdányi utca, Szentendre's busy pedestrian street, leads north from Fő tér, where you'll find the excellent Anna-Ámos Collection, displaying the surrealist and expressionist paintings of husband-and-wife team Margi…
Gallery in Szentendre

Czóbel Museum

The Czóbel Museum contains the works of the impressionist Béla Czóbel (1883–1976), a friend of Pablo Picasso and student of Henri Matisse.
Museum in Szentendre

Kmetty Museum

The Kmetty Museum on the southwestern side of Fő tér displays the work of the cubist János Kmetty (1889–1975).
Museum in Szentendre

Margit Kovács Ceramic Collection

If you descend Görög utca from the main square and turn right onto Vastagh György utca you'll reach this museum (in an 18th-century salt house) dedicated to the work of Szentendre’s most famous artist. Margit Kovác…
Monument in Szentendre

Memorial Cross

Museum in Szentendre

National Wine Museum

The National Wine Museum in the Labirintus restaurant traces the development of wine-making in Hungary and offers wine tastings of between five and nine vintages.
Church in Szentendre

Požarevačka Church

Dedicated in 1763, this late-Baroque Serbian Orthodox church has a lovely iconostasis dating from 1742. The church is on the way into town from the bus and train stations and a good introduction to Szentendre's pre…
Museum in Szentendre

Serbian Ecclesiastical Art Collection

The Serbian Ecclesiastical Art Collection is a treasure trove of icons, vestments and other sacred objects in precious metals. A 14th-century glass painting of the crucifixion is the oldest item on display; a ‘cotto…
Church in Szentendre

Blagoveštenska Church

The highlight of Fő tér is the Blagoveštenska Church, built in 1752. The church, with fine baroque and rococo elements, hardly looks ‘Eastern’ from the outside, but once you are inside, the ornate iconostasis and el…