Szeged in detail

Flights & getting there

The main train station is south of the city centre on Indóház tér. The bus station, to the west of the centre, is on Mars tér, within easy walking distance via pedestrian Mikszáth Kálmán utca.


DestinationCost (Ft)DurationDistance (km)Frequency
Debrecen39505hr2294 nonstop daily
Eger39505hr2342 nonstop daily
Gyula28303½hr1406 nonstop daily
Mohács31303hr1524 daily, 1 nonstop
Ópusztaszer5601hr28hourly nonstop
Pécs34103¼hr1928 nonstop daily

Buses also head for Nagylak (1120Ft, 1½ hours, 54km) on the Romanian border, where you can catch buses to Arad and points beyond.

Buses run to Novi Sad (2520Ft, 3½ hours), Serbia, at 2.30pm daily, and to Subotica (1300Ft, 1½ hours), Serbia, three to four times daily.


Szeged is on several rail lines, including a main one to Budapest’s Nyugati train station. You have to change at Békéscsaba for Gyula.

DestinationCost (Ft)DurationDistance (km)Frequency
Békéscsaba18602hr97hourly nonstop
Budapest37052½hr191hourly nonstop
Hódmezővásárhely65040min31hourly nonstop
Kecskemét18301hr85hourly nonstop

Southbound trains leave Szeged for Subotica (1500Ft, two hours, 48km) in Serbia twice daily.