Top Choice Museum in Sopron

Storno Collection

The Storno Collection is on the 2nd floor of Storno House, home to the Swiss-Italian family of Ferenc Storno, chimney sweep turned art restorer, whose recarving of Romanesque and Gothic monuments throughout Transdan…
Church in Sopron

St Michael's Church & Chapel of St James

At the top of the Lővér Hills, is St Michael's Church (Szent Mihály-templom), built between the 13th and 15th centuries and featuring some impressive gargoyles. Behind St Michael's to the south is the little Romanes…
Historic Site in Sopron

Medieval Chapter Hall

Beneath the Goat Church is the Chapter Hall - part of a 14th-century Benedictine monastery, with frescoes and stone carvings of grotesques, demons, and human moods and emotions.
Museum in Sopron

Fabricius House

The baroque Fabricius House was built on Roman foundations and is divided into three distinct sections. The main archaeological exhibition covers Celtic, Roman and Hungarian periods of history on its lower floors, t…
Tower in Sopron

Firewatch Tower

The 60m-high tower, from which trumpeters would warn of fire, mark the hour and watch for salespeople trying to smuggle in non-Sopron wine, is a true architectural hybrid. The 2m-thick square base, built on a Roman …
Church in Sopron

Goat Church

Dominating the southern side of the main square, this mostly Gothic church gets its unusual name from the legend that the church has been built thanks to the treasure unearthed by a goat (hence the stone goat being …
Historic Building in Sopron

House of the Two Moors

Fashioned from two 17th-century peasant houses, the ornate gate of this house is guarded by two large statues, previously painted an exaggerated black to represent the darker-skinned Moors, which are now painted whi…
Museum in Sopron

Old Synagogue

Új utca was known as Zsidó utca (Jewish St) until the Jews were evicted from Sopron in 1526 after being accused of plotting with Turks. It features a remnant of the medieval community’s existence – the Old Synagogue…
Ruins in Sopron

Scarbantia Forum

The Scarbantia Forum is an original Roman-era marketplace recently discovered under – and accessible through – an office block.
Monument in Sopron

Trinity Column

One of the focal points of graceful Fő tér is the Trinity Column, the best example of a 'plague pillar' in Hungary.