Market in Parliament & Around

Belvárosi Piac

What used to be called the Hold utca Market has been given a total facelift. It remains a true-blue purveyor of meat and produce, but we come here for the dozen or so eateries on the upper gallery, which serve every…
Market in Keszthely

Food Market

Keszthely’s lively food market combines the best and worst of Hungary’s markets, packed with overflowing fruit and vegetable stands, stalls selling overwhelming amounts of homemade honey, jam and homemade paprika pa…
Market in Pécs

Produce Market

Pécs’ excellent fruit and vegetable market is next to the bus station; food stalls lining the interior sell gut-busting sandwiches and sausages.
Market in Castle District

Fény utca Market

One of the largest and most central food markets in Buda is the Fény utca Market, next to the Mammut shopping mall.
Market in Szeged


One of the liveliest markets on the Great Plain; near the bus station.
Market in Tokaj


This market is a good place to stock up on picnic supplies.
Market in Debrecen

Fruit & Vegetable Market

This small market is right in the city centre.