Top Choice Hungarian in Pécs

Zsolnay Restaurant

The star of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, this stylish restaurant with crisp white linen is a worthy contender for Pécs' top dining spot. Creative dishes? Absolutely. Forest-mushroom-infused beef cheeks and raspberr…
Top Choice Mediterranean in Pécs

Bloff Bisztró

This (mostly) Balkan bad boy has quickly acquired a solid following in town. This may be partly to do with its super-central location, but we believe that the quality of their simple, satisfying dishes – fried fresh…
Top Choice Hungarian in Pécs

Jókai Bisztró

Arguably Pécs' best, this charming bistro with stylish decor overlooks Jókai tér – a seat on the terrace in summer is hot property. The menu is short, exceptionally well constructed and seasonal; dishes may include …
Top Choice Bakery in Pécs

Jókai Cukrászda

The elaborate sweet creations – cheesecakes, pastries, eclairs – at this new bakery are the best in town, by a long shot. Even the macarons are Magyarised: try the poppy seed and blackcurrant ones.
Hungarian in Pécs

Korhely Pub

This outrageously popular csapszék (tavern) named ‘Drunkard’ has peanuts on the table, straw on the floor, a half-dozen beers on tap and a retro sorta-socialist/kinda–Latin American decor. It works. Having leapt on …
Tex-Mex in Pécs

Tex-Mex Mexikói Étterem

We know what you're thinking: 'Tex-Mex is Pécs? Pshaw!'. But this is the real deal: the enchiladas, burritos and fajitas are lovingly prepared using fresh ingredients. We don't know where they get their avocados, bu…
Italian in Pécs

Az Elefánthoz

With its enormous terrace and quality Italian cuisine, ‘At the Elephant’ is a sure bet for first-rate food in the city centre. The pizzas emerging from its wood-burning stove are the best in town and the atmosphere …
Burgers in Pécs


Putting a classy spin on casual munchies, this little place has a short and sweet menu of excellent homemade burgers (including pulled pork – our favourite) that attracts the young and trendy. There's a veggie burge…
International in Pécs


This wine restaurant takes pride in its silver service and venue; the Zsolnay Room evokes past grandeur. Formerly one of the town's best restaurants, the ‘Golden Duck’ has been resting on its laurels awhile, and it …
Market in Pécs

Produce Market

Pécs’ excellent fruit and vegetable market is next to the bus station; food stalls lining the interior sell gut-busting sandwiches and sausages.