Top Choice Museum in Pécs

Csontváry Museum

The Csontváry Museum shows the major works of master 19th-century symbolist painter Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry (1853–1919), whose tragic life is sometimes compared with that of his contemporary, Vincent van Gogh. Don…
Top Choice Mosque in Pécs

Mosque Church

The one-time Pasha Gazi Kassim Mosque is now the Inner Town Parish Church (Belvárosi plébánia templom), but it's more commonly referred to as the Mosque Church. It is the largest building from the time of the Turkis…
Top Choice Museum in Pécs

Vasarely Museum

Completely revamped in 2010, the Vasarely Museum exhibits the work of the father of Op Art, Victor Vasarely. Pieces are exhibited with clever illuminations that intensify the 3D experience, though there have been a…
Square in Pécs

Széchenyi tér

Surrounded by largely baroque buildings, Pécs' sprawling main square is the hub of the city – on summer days everyone gathers here to relax, unwind with a scoop of ice cream and people-watch. The square is anchored…
Fort in Pécs


Fronted by a lovely garden, the circular barbican, the only stone bastion to survive in Pécs, dates from the late 15th century and was restored in the 1970s.
Church in Pécs

Basilica of St Peter

The foundations of the four-towered basilica dedicated to St Peter date from the 11th century and the side chapels are from the 1300s. But most of what you see today of the neo-Romanesque structure is the result of …
Palace in Pécs

Bishop’s Palace

The Bishop's Palace, dating to 1770, keeps very limited hours, but have a look at the curious statue of Franz Liszt (Imre Varga; 1983) peering over from the palace balcony.
Museum in Pécs

Historical Museum

This museum traces Pécs' history across two floors of a former tannery with period costumes and clothing, photos and exhibits walking you through the Turkish occupation and explaining how coal mining in the area boo…
Church in Pécs

Early Christian Tomb Chapel

The early Christian tomb chapel dates from about AD 350 and has frescoes of Adam and Eve and Daniel in the lion’s den. Two Roman tomb sites containing 110 graves from the same era are a little further south.
Museum in Pécs

Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnography Museum showcases ethnic Hungarian, German and South Slav folk art in the region.