Must see attractions in Northern Hungary

  • C

    Csaroda Romanesque Church

    In the village of Csaroda some 3km east of Tákos is this lovely Romanesque church, dating from the late 13th century. It is a wonderful hybrid, with both…

  • C

    Church of St Martin

    The focus of the village’s spiritual and social life, this adorable wooden church is on the corner where Petőfi út, the Old Village’s ‘other’ street,…

  • H

    Horse Museum

    You can learn a whole lot more about the intelligent Lipizzaner horses by visiting this whiffy museum about 1km northeast of Szilvásvárad. Exhibits focus…

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    City Under the City

    To the right of the main steps up to Eger Basilica is the entrance to the former archbishop’s cellars. A guided history-oriented tour on the hour leads…

  • V

    Village Museum

    This award-winning museum contains the usual three rooms of a Hungarian peasant house, stuffed with local folk pottery, painted furniture and embroidered…

  • M


    This 40m-high minaret, topped incongruously with a cross, is one of the few reminders of the Ottoman occupation of Eger. Nonclaustrophobes can brave the…

  • T

    Tarpa Dry Mill

    One of Hungary’s last examples of a working, horse-driven, 19th-century dry mill can be seen in the village of Tarpa. It's not necessary to enter as you…

  • K

    Kepes Institute

    This unusual gallery exhibits the work of Hungarian-born American artist and designer György Kepes, who is celebrated for – among other things – his light…

  • O

    Open-air Ethnographic Collection

    This open-air collection, including an 18th-century Palóc-style house, stable and tiny replica chapel, stands in the garden behind the Palóc Museum in…

  • E

    Ecclesiastical Collection

    The Ecclesiastical Collection, in the Eger Archbishop’s Palace, consists of priceless vestments, church plate and liturgical objects.

  • G


    This museum of traditional clothing takes a detailed look at the step-by-step process of preparing such fabrics as wool and linen.

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    Tákos Provincial House

    The Tákos Provincial House, opposite the Calvinist church, sells works by local craftspeople and local (mostly plum) jam.

  • P

    Provost’s Palace

    The wrought-iron balcony and window grilles of this rococo building were the work of master craftsman Henrik Fazola.

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    Eger Art Gallery

    This collection of fine art that once hung in Eger Castle contains works by Canaletto and Ceruti, among others.

  • N

    Neoclassical Synagogue

    The erstwhile neoclassical synagogue dating from 1845 is now partly renovated and functions as a theatre.

  • P

    Palóc Doll Museum

    This museum exhibits more than 200 porcelain dolls in traditional costumes from all across Hungary.

  • S

    Sándor Ziffer Gallery

    This gallery is housed in the former Orthodox synagogue, built in 1893 and named after the painter Sándor Ziffer (1880–1962). It has rotating exhibitions…

  • D

    Dobó Bastion

    Part of the Eger Castle Complex, the terrace of the renovated Dobó Bastion (1549), which collapsed in 1976, offers stunning views of the town. Climb down…

  • P

    Postal Museum

    The Postal Museum is a branch of the one in Budapest. Only for keen philatelists.