Top Choice Cultural in Mohács


This pre-Lenten free-for-all carnival celebration takes place in late February or March. Men adorned with freakish, horned wooden masks (busós) parade through town (on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday) to scare off w…
Dance in Balatonfüred

Anna Ball

The annual Anna Ball has been a prime event on the Hungarian calendar since 1825. Even if you don't attend the ball it's worth joining the crowds gathering to watch the beautifully attired guests, and on the followi…
Wine in Keszthely

Wine Festival

Every summer brings the lovely two-day Wine Festival where local winemakers, restaurants and food purveyors sell their wares and bands perform anything from rock to pop to jazz concerts. There's a craft fair and chi…
Music in Keszthely


A three-day musical extravaganza in the beginning of July, featuring bands from around Hungary, jazz performances and events for kids.
Cultural in Pécs

Pécs Days Heritage Festival

This 10-day festival of dance and music in late September has a couple of wine-related events.
Music in Pécs

European Wine Song Festival

This late-September festival is Europe’s only festival exclusively for male choruses.
Cultural in Pécs

Pécs Spring Festival

A month-long ‘everything-but-the-kitchen-sink’ event in late March.
Theatre in Pécs

International Culture Week

The late-July International Culture Week is a thematic student festival that focuses on theatrical performances.