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Tapolca Cave Lake and castle tour

The unique 300-meter-long cave system is situated under the heart of the town Tapolca, near Lake Balaton. It was opened to the public in 1912 after ten years of its discovery. Small boats can be hired to explore the cave system. Merely 15–20 m below the town a 5 km long cave system criss-crosses the Miocene limestone layers. This includes the 3.3 km long cave lake, which is mostly filled with karst water. The cave was discovered in 1903 during well digging. Initially narrow passages, then smaller and larger niches can be seen while you are paddling your own boat. After visiting the cave lake you will have time to stroll on the streets of Tapolca and have lunch by the lake then your English speaking driver will take you to a nearby castle to explore before returning to Budapest. This is a private tour.
8 hours
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Private tour from Budapest to a top hidden treasure region of Europe: Lake Balaton

Seeing just Budapest in Hungary is not the wisest thing to do. Lake Balaton is the essence of Hungarian rural beauty. Hungary's version of Provance. And our favourite region in Hungary.You will enjoy stunning views, tiny villages with century-old whitewashed houses, amazing formations of nature.Balaton Uplands has been chosen by Mastercard users one of the Top 15 Hidden Treasures travel destinations of Europe. The 10 hour tour is filled with beauties of nature, interesting history and very good wine!The beauty of the nature, the great gastronomy, the fresh wines, the charme of the villages and the historical and architectural heritage of the region are all good reasons to make a visit here
10 hours
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Full-Day Tour to North Balaton Lake

We invite you a unique wine-gastronomic experience to lake Balaton. The international press list on the first places our country to visit as wine region. Discover the unique atmosphere of Lake Balaton from Badacsony and Csopak excellent terrace’s with an amazing view and characterful wine tasting.
1 day
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Full-Day South Balaton - Home of Champagne

Recognise the wine-growing region of our homeland with it’s special highlights. The country well-known international level as well about the fresh, fragrant white wines coming from here. Nestling villages and the lakeside settlements wait for you on whole summer. Not only nature and wine-lovers but the guests looking for the Hungarian gastronomic traditions will be satisfied.
1 day
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Balaton premium wine getaway

Discover the incredible landscape, heritage and wine culture of the North-Balaton Region! Full day wine experience including tours and tastings at the three most prestigious wineries of Balaton region, Lunch and Dinner at the high class restaurants, and a visit and experience at Porcelain museum. The experience is accompanied by the international expert wine guide.
12 hours