Top Choice Palace in Keszthely

Festetics Palace

The glimmering white, 100-room Festetics Palace was begun in 1745; the two wings were extended out from the original building 150 years later. Some 18 rooms in the baroque south wing now contain the Helikon Palace M…
Museum in Keszthely

Balaton Museum

The Balaton Museum was purpose-built in 1928 and its permanent exhibits focus on the life and history of Lake Balaton. The aquarium of Balaton showcases underwater flora and fauna plus a handful of the lake's fishes…
Museum in Keszthely

Coach Museum

Square in Keszthely

Fő tér

Fő tér, Kezthely's colourful main square, received a facelift in 2012 – the result is a traffic-free, pedestrian-friendly expanse of newly laid white cobblestone surrounded by lovely buildings, including the late-ba…
Church in Keszthely

Former Franciscan church

The church was originally built in the Gothic style in the late 14th century for Franciscan monks, but many alterations were made in subsequent centuries, including the addition of the steeple in 1898. The Gothic ro…
Museum in Keszthely

Georgikon Farm Museum

Housed in several early-19th-century buildings of what was the Georgikon’s experimental farm, the Georgikon Farm Museum is the perfect museum for lovers of early industrial farming tools and farming techniques, with…
Museum in Keszthely

Trophy & Model Railway Museum

This former military attic actually houses two separate museums. If you only have time for one, don't miss the grin-inducing Model Railway Museum on the top floor, which exhibits one of the world's largest mountain …
Temple in Keszthely


Cemetery in Keszthely

Jewish Cemetery

Museum in Keszthely

Erotic Panoptikum

Full disclosure: this is an X-rated wax museum. Kind of tacky – yes. Fascinating – absolutely. The tiny subterranean space brings to 'life' lust and sex scenes from illustrated books about Renaissance erotic fiction…