Castle in Hollókő

Hollókő Castle

Hollókő Castle commands a striking view of the surrounding hills from 365m-high Stalk Hill (Szár-hegy). Climb to the top of the pentagonal keep to look out across fields and forested hills without a trace of...

Cheese in Hollókő

Gazduram Cheese Shop

This wonderful new shop sells homemade yoghurt and various types of sheep and cow's milk cheese, including a braided smoked yellow variety called parenyica. The fresh goat's cheese flavoured with garlic is...

Religious in Hollókő

Hollókő Easter Festival

Traditional costumes and folk traditions welcome in spring at the World Heritage–listed village of Hollókő, nestled in the Cserhát Hills of Hungary's northern Uplands.

Church in Hollókő

Church of St Martin

The focus of the village’s spiritual and social life, this adorable wooden church is on the corner where Petőfi út, the Old Village’s ‘other’ street, branches off from Kossuth út. Built as a granary in the 16th...

Museum in Hollókő

Village Museum

This award-winning museum contains the usual three rooms of a Hungarian peasant house, stuffed with local folk pottery, painted furniture and embroidered pillows. In the backyard there's an interesting carved...

Hungarian in Hollókő

Muskátli Vendéglő

The traditional dishes at this cottage restaurant are the best in the village. The flower-bedecked courtyard down in the back garden is a positive delight in the warmer months but is often booked out by groups.

Bakery in Hollókő


This wonderful little bakery sells bread and both savoury and sweet baked goods, including hókifli, crescent-shaped pastries filled with nuts, plum or apricot.

Museum in Hollókő


This museum of traditional clothing takes a detailed look at the step-by-step process of preparing such fabrics as wool and linen.

Sports in Hollókő

Castle Days

Medieval tournaments take place at Hollókő Castle at Whitsunday/Pentecost (late May or June) and St Stephen's Day (20 August).

Hungarian in Hollókő

Vár Étterem

This eatery offers covered outside dining in the warmer months but closes early otherwise.

Museum in Hollókő

Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is a branch of the one in Budapest. Only for keen philatelists.