Hungary has extensive mobile phone network coverage. Public phones can be used to make domestic and international calls, though they are rapidly becoming obsolete with the advent of cheap mobile phone calls, Skype and other VOIP services.

Local & International Calls

  • All localities in Hungary have a two-digit telephone area code, except for Budapest, which has just a ‘1’.
  • To make a local call, dial the phone number (seven digits in Budapest, six elsewhere).
  • For an intercity landline call within Hungary and whenever ringing a mobile telephone, dial 06, followed by the area code and phone number.
  • Cheaper or toll-free numbers start with 06 40 and 06 80, respectively.
  • To make an international call, dial 00, then the country code, the area code and the number.
  • The country code for Hungary is 36.

Mobile Phones

It is relatively inexpensive to use a mobile from another EU country in Hungary. Local SIM cards can be used in European, Australian and some North American phones. Other phones must be set to roaming, which can be pricey (check with your service provider).

More Information

  • The three main mobile phone providers are: Telenor, T-Mobile and Vodafone.
  • Call and SMS rates are now standardised across the board and an increasing number of service providers include the use of other countries' networks in home tariffs.
  • You can also purchase a rechargeable or prepaid SIM card from any of the three providers, but check first with your service provider, as it may be possible to get an even cheaper rate with your own home network.

SIM Cards

You can make domestic and international calls from public telephones; they take either coins or phonecards. Phonecards issued by NeoPhone ( come in values of 1000Ft, 2000Ft, 5000Ft and 10,000Ft and are available from post offices and newsstands. Other discount phonecards such as No Limits ( also offer good rates for international calls.