The folk architecture of the Old Village is the main attraction. Stroll down one cobblestone street and up the other, past whitewashed houses with carved wooden porches and tiled roofs. Few people live in the Old Village any more, preferring the more modern accommodation of the New Village, which you'll pass on the way here.

Buy a Village Walk Ticket (Faluséta Jegy; adult/child 3000/2000Ft) from the Küszöb Information Office; this paper bracelet will grant entry to several attractions, including the castle, as well as free samples of wine and cheese.


There are some gentle walks into the hills and valleys of the 140-hectare landscape protection reserve to the west and south of Hollókő castle. Cserhát, the 1:60,000 map (No 8; 1350Ft) from Cartographia, will help you plan your route.

Festivals & Events

Hollókő marks its calendar red for the annual Hollókő Easter Festival in late March or April; Castle Days, a touristy medieval tournament at the castle at Whitsunday/Pentecost (late May or June) and St Stephen's Day (20 August); and the Vintage Festival to mark the end of the grape harvest in late September.


There are quite a number of private rooms in the New Village charging from 4000Ft per person.


Places to eat close early here, so plan accordingly. There’s a small grocery store called Támásek Boltja on the road to the municipal car park.

Drinking & Nightlife

There are a couple of cafes and at least one uninviting pub in Hollókő but they don't exactly burn the candle at both ends here.