Top Choice Fortress in Eger

Eger Castle

Climb up cobbled Vár köz from Dózsa György tér to reach Eger Castle, erected in the 13th century after the Mongol invasion. Models and drawings in the István Dobó Museum, housed in the former Bishop’s Palace (1470)…
Museum in Eger

Ecclesiastical Collection

The Ecclesiastical Collection consists of priceless vestments, church plate and liturgical objects.
Historic Building in Eger


Directly opposite the basilica is the recently renovated Zopf-style Lyceum (1765). The 60,000-volume library on the 1st floor of the south wing contains hundreds of priceless manuscripts and codices. The trompe l’o…
Church in Eger

Minorite Church of St Anthony of Padua

On the southern side of Eger's main square stands the Minorite church, built in 1771 by Bohemian architect Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer and one of the most glorious baroque buildings in Hungary. The altarpiece of the …
Islamic in Eger


This 40m-high minaret, topped incongruously with a cross, is one of the few reminders of the Ottoman occupation of Eger. Nonclaustrophobes will brave the 97 narrow spiral steps to the top for the awesome views.
Historic Site in Eger

City under the City

To the right of the main steps to the basilica is the entrance to the former archbishop’s cellars. A history-oriented tour leads you through the caverns and takes 45 minutes.
Church in Eger

Eger Basilica

A highlight of the town’s amazing architecture is Eger Basilica. This neoclassical monolith was designed in 1836 by József Hild, the same architect who later worked on the cathedral at Esztergom. A good time to see …
Gallery in Eger

Zsinagóga Galéria

Gallery in Eger

György Kepes International Art Centre

Eger's newest gallery exhibits the work of Hungarian-born American artist and designer György Kepes, who is celebrated for – among other things – his light installations.