Danube Bend & Western Transdanubia in detail

Flights & getting there

Regular buses serve towns on the west bank of the Danube, but trains only go as far as Szentendre and (on a separate line) Esztergom. For Visegrád, you can take one of the regular trains from Budapest to the opposite bank of the river and then take a ferry across (sailings are linked to train arrivals).

Regular Mahart PassNave boats run to and from Budapest in season. From May to August, a boat departs Pest’s Vigadó tér at 9am (from Batthyány tér in Buda 10 minutes later) from Tuesday to Sunday bound for Szentendre (one way/return 2310/3470Ft, 1½ hours) and Visegrád (2890/4330Ft, 3½ hours) before carrying on to Esztergom (3470/5200Ft, 5½ hours). It returns from Esztergom at 4pm, Visegrád at 5.40pm and Szentendre at 7pm, reaching Budapest at 8pm. The service is reduced to Saturday only in April and September.

In addition, there is a boat to Szentendre (only) at 10.30am daily in July and August, Tuesday to Sunday in May, June, September and October and on Saturday in April. It returns from Szentendre at 5pm. A 2pm sailing to Szentendre departs Tuesday to Sunday in July and August, returning from Szentendre at 7pm

Hydrofoils travel from Budapest to Visegrád (one way/return 4300/6500Ft, one hour) and Esztergom (5300/8000Ft, 1½ hours) Tuesday to Sunday from May to September; boats leave at 10am and return at 5.30pm from Esztergom and 6pm from Visegrád.