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Electric Scooter Rental

The latest wheeled transport that's taking Budapest by storm is the electric scooter. Staff will will show you how to use it. They share space with iHover.
Boat in Belváros


Swift 30-minute water taxis to Szentendre depart Budapest at 10.30am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and return from Szentendre at 2pm from May to September.
Car Hire in Belváros


The latest of Budapest's innovative vehicles, the Twizy is the love child of an electric smart car and a scooter. It's completely emission-free, easy to park, as fast as any city car and manages to squeeze in two pe…
Ferry in Belváros

International Ferry Pier

In Budapest, hydrofoils to and from Vienna arrive at and depart from the International Ferry Pier, which is between Elizabeth and Liberty bridges on the Pest side.
Bus in Belváros

Memento Park Bus

Memento Park's direct bus departs from a stop marked 'Memento Park' opposite the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on V Erzsébet tér.
Ferry in Belváros

Mahart PassNave

Hydrofoils up the Danube to Szentendre, Visegrád and Esztergom depart from this pier.
Ferry in Belváros

Petőfi tér Pier

The BKV's D11 and D12 ferries depart from here.
Ferry in Belváros

Vigadó tér Pier

Cruise ship pier.
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Car hire branch.