Top Choice Books in Parliament & Around


Our favourite English-language bookshop in town, with fiction, travel guides and lots of Hungarica, as well as a large selection of newspapers and magazines overseen by master bookseller Tony Láng. Helpful staff are…
Antiques in Parliament & Around


This chain of pawn and second-hand shops, with a number of branches around town, is a fun place to comb for trinkets and treasures, especially if you don’t have time to get to the Ecseri Piac market. Check out this …
Maps in Parliament & Around


This outlet of the national map-making company stocks the full range of maps, including the best laminated folding one of Budapest at the scale of 1:30,000 (1990Ft). If you plan to explore the city more thoroughly, …
Antiques in Parliament & Around

Pintér Galéria

With a positively enormous antique showroom (some 2000 sq metres) in a series of cellars near the Parliament building, Pintér has everything – from furniture and chandeliers to oil paintings and china – and is the b…
Wine in Parliament & Around

Malatinszky Wine Store

Owned and operated by a one-time sommelier at the Gundel restaurant, this shop has an excellent selection of high-end Hungarian wines, including three vintages from his own organically farmed vines. Ask the staff to…
Arts & Crafts in Parliament & Around

Memories of Hungary

One of our favourite places to buy souvenirs and gifts, this shop has (mostly genuine) Hungarian handicrafts as well as a good selection of local foodstuffs and wine. It's also useful as an information point.
Arts & Crafts in Parliament & Around

Originart Galéria

Hungarian handicrafts guaranteed to put a smile on your face, from brightly painted ceramic figures to jewellery boxes, mugs and acryllic paintings. All very playful and with kiddie appeal too.
Books in Parliament & Around

Szőnyi Antikváriuma

This long-established antiquarian bookshop has, in addition to old tomes, an excellent selection of antique prints and maps. Just open the drawers in the chests at the back and have a browse.
Antiques in Parliament & Around

Dárius Antiques

This shop handles antique furniture, paintings, glass, porcelain, clocks and weapons; it’s a good option on V Falk Miksa utca and the owner is particularly knowledgable and helpful.
Antiques in Parliament & Around

Anna Antikvitás

Anna is the place to go if you’re in the market for embroidered antique tablecloths and bed linen. They’re stacked up all over the shop and are of very good quality.