Live Music in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Fonó Buda Music House

This venue has táncház (folk music and dance) programs several times a week (especially on Wednesday) at 6.30pm or 8pm, as well as concerts by big-name bands (mostly playing world music) throughout the month; it’s o…
Live Music in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Municipal Cultural House

There’s folk music and dance at what is also called the FMH at 7pm on alternate Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays (see the website). A children’s dance house hosted by the incomparable folk group Muzsikás runs every Tu…
Live Music in Gellért Hill & Tabán


Moored on the Buda side just south of Petőfi Bridge, the ‘A38 Ship’ is a decommissioned Ukrainian stone hauler from 1968 that has been recycled as a major live-music venue. It’s so cool that Lonely Planet readers on…
Dance in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Mu Színház

Virtually everyone involved in the Hungarian modern-dance scene got their start at this landmark place in south Buda, where excellent performances can be enjoyed.