Top Choice Monument in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Liberty Monument

The Liberty Monument, the lovely lady with the palm frond proclaiming freedom throughout the city, is to the east of the Citadella. Some 14m high, she was raised in 1947 in tribute to the Soviet soldiers who died li…
Top Choice Fort in Gellért Hill & Tabán


The Citadella is a fortress that never saw a battle. Built by the Habsburgs after the 1848–49 War of Independence to defend the city from further insurrection, the structure was obsolete by the time it was ready in …
Historic Site in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Castle Garden Bazaar

The reopening of this renovated pleasure park (dating from 1893) has added a whole new dimension to Tabán district. The complex comprises over a dozen neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance structures, including a theatre, …
Bridge in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Liberty Bridge

Liberty Bridge, with its fin de siècle cantilevered span, was opened in time for the Millenary Exhibition in 1896. The bridge was originally named after Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph, and each of its posts is topped…
Palace in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Castle Garden Palace

Castle Garden Palace is a lovely little renovated building with a fountain designed by Miklós Ybl in 1878. It was once a pump house for Castle Hill and has been used as both a casino and conference and events venue …
Viewpoint in Gellért Hill & Tabán


This lookout to the west of the Citadella along Citadella sétány offers one of the best vantage points in Budapest.
Church in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Cave Church

This chapel is on a small hill directly opposite the landmark Danubius Hotel Gellért. It was built into a cave in 1926 and was the seat of Hungary's Pauline order until 1951, when the priests were imprisoned by the …
Bridge in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Elizabeth Bridge

Elizabeth Bridge enjoys a special place in the hearts of many Budapesters, as this gleaming white suspension bridge (1964) was the first newly designed bridge to reopen after WWII (the original span, erected in 1903…
Museum in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Semmelweis Museum of Medical History

This quirky (and sometimes grisly) museum traces the history of medicine from Graeco-Roman times through medical tools and photographs; inevitably in Hungary, another antique pharmacy makes an appearance. Featured a…
Statue in Gellért Hill & Tabán

Queen Elizabeth Statue

To the northwest of Elizabeth Bridge is a statue of Elizabeth, Habsburg empress and Hungarian queen. Consort to Franz Joseph, 'Sissi' was much loved by the Magyars because, among other things, she learned to speak H…