Image by Jennifer Walker Lonely Planet

Subtitled the Centre of Scientific Wonder, this playhouse for children of all ages in the Buda EG Shopping Centre in Óbuda has 'smart' toys and puzzles, most with a scientific bent, and lots of interactive stuff, from games that teach you about physics, biology and chemistry to interactive science shows. Count on spending at least three hours here. Enter from Szépvölgyi út too.

Don't miss the hall of illusions, where you can play with different illusion-creating objects and come out questioning reality; for some hands-on fun in a team, try the room escape game. You can also attend the centre's unique cinemas: the 5D theatre with adventures such as a journey through the solar system; a 9D cinema that offers a more intense experience with 3D graphics, moving seats and even water being sprayed as you crash into a river on one of the virtual roller-coaster simulations; and a circular cinema offering 360-degree views of spectacular landscapes in the distance. While the centre is geared towards children of all ages, there's plenty to keep adults occupied too.