Top things to do in Bereg Region

Top Choice Cemetery in Bereg Region

Szatmárcseke Cemetery

This famous cemetery in the village of Szatmárcseke has 1200 grave markers resembling up-ended prows that are unique in Hungary. Their notches and grooves represent a complicated language detailing marital status, s…
Top Choice Church in Bereg Region

Tákos Calvinist Church

In the village of Tákos, this 18th-century wattle-and-daub Calvinist church has a spectacularly painted coffered ceiling of blue and red flowers, a partly beaten-earth floor and an ornately carved 'folk baroque' pul…
Church in Bereg Region

Csaroda Romanesque Church

In the village of Csaroda some 3km east of Tákos is this lovely Romanesque church, dating from the late 13th century. It is a wonderful hybrid, with both Western- and Eastern-style frescoes (some from the 14th centu…
Museum in Vásárosnamény

Bereg Museum

Inside Tomcsány Manor (1728), this museum contains an excellent collection of Bereg cross-stitch, pottery, iron stoves and painted Easter eggs. A whole room is dedicated to how local textiles are woven. There’s a la…
Historic Site in Bereg Region

Tarpa Dry Mill

One of Hungary’s last examples of a working, horse-driven, 19th-century dry mill can be seen in the village of Tarpa. It's not necessary to enter as you can see everything from the outside.
House in Bereg Region

Tákos Provincial House

The Tákos Provincial House, opposite the Calvinist church, sells works by local craftspeople and local (mostly plum) jam.
Church in Bereg Region

Tarpa Calvinist Church

A decorated church in the village of Tarpa.