A lovely Romanesque church from the late 13th century stands in the village of Csaroda, 3km east of Tákos. A wonderful hybrid, it has Western- and Eastern-style frescoes (some from the 14th century), as well as some fairly crude folk murals (1647) and pews decorated with birds. The nearby wooden bell tower is of a more recent vintage.

You can find repose in these peaceful rural surrounds at the three-room Székely Vendégház. There's more than a little rustic appeal at this long, yard-oriented former traditional peasant house, with its thick whitewashed walls, dark wood, chunky furniture and red geraniums in the windows. All rooms are en suite and there's a communal kitchen. More central (and commercial) is flower-bedecked guesthouse Julianna Vendégház, opposite the church. It has four lovely rooms and is surrounded by a large, well-tended garden. Breakfast/dinner is available for 500/1000Ft.