Aquarium in Utila

Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center

This center studies whale sharks and monitors the coral reef. It offers regular snorkeling trips to track down whale sharks and spear invasive lion fish. If the whale sharks are found, everyone dons snorkeling gear …
Wildlife Reserve in Utila

Iguana Research & Breeding Station

Up the hill from the town center, this great place studies and protects the highly endangered Utila iguana (Ctenosaura bakeri), which is known locally as 'the swamper.' Visitors get to see plenty of these fascinatin…
Beach in Utila

Bando Beach

Utila Town's privately run beach is a small strip of white sand, a few lounge chairs, some shady palms and a lively bar. You can take a dip here but the water is shallow and too full of sea grass for swimming or sno…