Top Choice Cafe in Tegucigalpa

Galeano Cafe

This very hip cafe rocks both an industrial and upcycling look, with brushed concrete fittings and salvaged wood furniture. It's an absolute lifeline though, as it does great coffee, enormous smoothies served up in …
Top Choice Fast Food in Tegucigalpa

Baleadas Express

As hard as it is to imagine a gas station fast-food outlet being one of the best eating options in the city, within 24 hours in Tegus you will almost certainly meet a local who will wax lyrical about the fantastic b…
Cafe in Tegucigalpa

Café Paradiso

An intimate, bohemian hangout, this is the place to find Tegus' creative types. The decor (with an excess of curios and lots of paintings) and layout (multiple rooms set off a central covered patio) are unusual. Foo…