Dangers & Annoyances

  • Tegucigalpa has a very high crime rate. Even in daylight, the city can be dangerous, so keep your wits about you.
  • Keep valuables out of sight and avoid walking on side streets alone. Beware of pickpockets.
  • Comayagüela, a poorer and dirtier city across the river, is controlled by gangs. Some bus lines have terminals here, but otherwise there's no reason to visit.
  • Only use ATMs with armed guards outside, or those inside malls.
  • It's best to avoid city buses (prone to ‘taxing’ by gangs) and most colectivos (shared taxis), apart from busy ones that go short distances in the city center or are specific to the airport.
  • At night, unless you're walking a short distance on busy streets, take a taxi.

Police Stations

Embassies & Consulates

Belizean Embassy

Canadian Embassy

El Salvadoran Embassy

French Embassy

German Embassy

Guatemalan Embassy

Nicaraguan Embassy

US Embassy Also available by phone 7:30am to noon and 1pm to 4pm Monday to Thursday, and to 3pm Friday.

Emergency & Important Numbers


Entry & Exit Formalities


Instituto Nacional de Migración Honduras Handles immigration matters.


ATMs are dotted about the city: at the airport, on the northeast corner of Parque Central, in the Hedman Alas bus terminal and in the shopping malls.

Banco Atlántida Has a 24-hour ATM.

Citibank One of several banks here.

HSBC Has an ATM.

Exchanging money can be difficult in Tegucigalpa as most money changers will only accept crisp, unmarked 50 and 100 US dollar bills.


Tourist Information

Instituto Hondureño de Turismo A helpful tourist office, with good general information and lots of glossy leaflets. But don't expect too much practical information.

Internet Access

Wifi is available in most hotels and some restaurants but if you have work to get done, head straight to Casa Quinchon co-working space. It's one of the most modern spaces in the city and a hub for creative types. Besides high-speed internet, there are printers, power outlets, a small cafe, lounge areas and some private offices and meeting spaces.