Top Choice International in West End

Roatán Oasis

A total revolution in the limited food scene of Roatán, the gorgeous Oasis is all about seasonal and locally sourced produce, and may be one of the few places in Honduras where you can find oysters. Come in good tim…
Honduran in West End

Creole’s Rotisserie Chicken

A low-key island institution, Creole's offers excellent island-style roast chicken (a quarter-chicken is L70), plus shrimp and fish mains. Choose from eight different fixins (side dishes) – including coconut rice, c…
Honduran in West End


Right on the beach, Rudy's is popular for its breakfasts, with lots of fruit, granola and pancake options on the menu. Also on the menu is the local cure-all fruit noni, said to heal anything from arthritis to high …
International in West End

Earth Mama's

Something of a secret garden, this secluded place offers up a menu of inventive, high-quality dishes, including savory crepes with smoked bacon for breakfast and lime-marinated shrimp with tomato and cilantro for lu…
International in Sandy Bay

Sunken Fish

The in-house restaurant of a lodge and dive center, the Sunken Fish is open to the public all day and enjoys a fantastic setting overlooking the sea – one particularly apt for impressive sunsets. The eclectic menu o…
Breakfast in West End

¿Por qué no?

This pleasant cafe with tables on the veranda overlooking the sea does good breakfasts (L80 to L200), pastries and coffee, which brings in a brisk trade each morning. Later on in the day, it's the German-led menu of…
Seafood in Far East

La Sirena

This truly remote and rather makeshift restaurant is housed in a fairly run-down wooden building standing on stilts over the water. Inside, however, you'll be served some of Roatán's best seafood, so it's well worth…
Health Food in West End

ROA Juice Bar & Salads

Something a little different is on offer at this innovative shack created from reclaimed wood-pallet boxes. The young staff will prepare a range of fresh fruit juices and smoothies for you, to accompany various sala…
Seafood in West End

Lighthouse Restaurant

A traditional wooden Caribbean structure that juts out into the bay, this restaurant is the perfect setting for a memorable meal, with sea views on three sides. Seafood is the specialty, including grilled fish, shri…
Cafe in West Bay

Java Vine

There are good sandwiches, coffee and cake to be had at this friendly cafe and wine bar; it's also one of the few independent and budget-oriented places to eat in West Bay.