Northern Honduras attractions

Top Choice Fort in Trujillo

Fortaleza Santa Bárbara de Trujillo

High above the waves, gazing over the Caribbean toward the European motherland, this 17th-century Spanish fortress could not have a more evocative position. Though its ruined remains are not that impressive visually…
Waterfall in Parque Nacional Pico Bonito

Cascada Zacate

The park’s first trail is still a favorite, with a moderately difficult three-hour hike to Cascada Zacate. You’ll hear the falls before you see them; they're actually also known as Cascada Ruidoso, or ‘noisy falls.’…
Gardens in Around Tela

Lancetilla Botanical Garden & Research Center

One of the largest tropical botanical gardens in the world, the Lancetilla Botanical Garden & Research Center spans 1680 hectares and has 1200 species of plants from four continents. Well-marked trails wind thro…
National Park in Around Tela

Parque Nacional Jeannette Kawas

This national park a half-hour boat ride from Tela has several white-sand beaches, including the pretty Playa Cocalito. Offshore coral reefs make for reasonable snorkeling, and howler monkeys, boa constrictors, touc…
Wildlife Reserve in Around Tela

Refugio de Vida Punta Izopo

Rivers entering the Punta Izopo Wildlife Refuge spread out into a network of canals that channel through the tangle of mangrove forest. Monkeys, turtles and even crocodiles live here, as well as many species of bird…
Fort in Omoa

Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa

Omoa’s claim to fame is this colossal Spanish fortress. Built in brick and coral between 1759 and 1777 under orders from King Fernando VII of Spain, the fortress was intended to protect the coast from Caribbean pira…
Cemetery in Trujillo

Grave of William Walker

Just west of town, where the Río Cristales flows into the sea, is the ancient and fascinating town cemetery. Here lies the grave of William Walker, who died in Trujillo shortly after his ill-fated bid to conquer Cen…
Plaza in La Ceiba

Parque Swinford

Parque Swinford is a lush, tropical botanical oasis in the heart of La Ceiba, complete with a restored train carriage from the area’s railway heyday.
Church in La Ceiba

Catedral de San Isidro

The city's most recognizable building, this imposing structure on the Parque Central dates from the early 20th century.
Church in Trujillo


The main church in Trujillo dates from 1832 and stands proudly on the Parque Central.