Lago de Yojoa restaurants

International in Lago de Yojoa

D&D Brewery

Besides offering craft beers brewed right on the premises, this restaurant also offers excellent food – try the blueberry pancakes, burgers or sumptuous chicken enchiladas. The local coffee is also fabulously smooth…
Cafe in Lago de Yojoa

El Dorao Cafe

An unbelievable find in sleepy Peña Blanca, this smart and cool place has fused local coffee-growing expertise with the needs of the cosmopolitan city dweller. The result is a wonderful cafe serving up excellent cof…
Seafood in Lago de Yojoa

Restaurante El Estoraque

On the main road 3km before you enter Peña Blanca from La Guama, this place specializes in fish caught from the lake. Simply choose how you'd like it cooked and it'll be prepared to order, alongside delicious tajada…