Top things to do

Burgers in La Esperanza

La Casa Vieja

Famous for its burgers – the king of which is La Big Daddy (made with a pound of beef) – La Casa Vieja also does chicken wings and breaded shrimp. It's a cool space, with a wood-beamed roof and friendly service.
Chapel in La Esperanza

La Gruta

This curious sight is perhaps La Esperanza's most notable building: a small cave now converted into a chapel, complete with a cute facade built into the cliffside. It's easy to spot from all over the town – just fol…
Honduran in La Esperanza

La Hacienda Lenca

A block east of Parque Central, this curious place is definitely a winner when it comes to kitsch and mystifying interior design. The waitstaff are super friendly and the food is decent, though you'll find little ou…
Museum in La Esperanza

Casa de la Cultura

This small cultural center has a couple of rooms devoted to Lenca culture, including some excellent ceramics and weavings.