Copán Site attractions

Museum in Copán Site

Museo de Escultura

Copán is unique in the Maya world for its sculptures and some of the finest examples are on display at this impressive museum, which is fully signed in English. Entering the museum is an experience in itself: you go…
Archaeological Site in Copán Site

Túnel Rosalila & Túnel de los Jaguares

In 1999, archaeologists opened up two tunnels that allow visitors to get a glimpse of pre-existing structures below the visible surface structures. The first, Rosalila, is very short and takes only a few visitors at…
Archaeological Site in Copán Site

Núñez Chinchilla

One hundred and fifty meters north of the Grand Plaza and included on the Copan site ticket, this interesting site of 23 residential structures was still being excavated in 2018 by Japanese archaeologist Shinji Naku…