Top Choice Fort in Trujillo

Fortaleza Santa Bárbara de Trujillo

High above the waves, gazing over the Caribbean toward the European motherland, this 17th-century Spanish fortress could not have a more evocative position. Though its ruined remains are not that impressive visually…
Fort in Omoa

Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa

Omoa’s claim to historical fame is this colossal Spanish fortress. Built in brick and coral between 1759 and 1777 under orders from King Fernando VII of Spain, the fortress was intended to protect the coast from ram…
Notable Building in Tegucigalpa

Palacio Legislativo

This unusual modern building on stilts (next door to the Parque La Merced) is the Palacio Legislativo, where congress meets. It was here in December 2009 that congress voted against reinstating ousted president Manu…
Monument in Tegucigalpa

Monumento a La Paz

This monument, inside Tegucigalpa's largest park, was erected in 1996 in the name of eternal peace between the 'fraternal nations of Central America.'
Monument in Tegucigalpa

Monumento a Simón Bolívar

This monument to Latin America's great liberator straddles a busy junction in Tegucigalpa's well-to-do Colonia Palmira area.