Top things to do in Around Copán Ruinas

Top Choice Honduran in Around Copán Ruinas

Hacienda San Lucas

Set on farmland overlooking Copán Ruinas, this wonderful place – worth the effort to get here and the price – has some of the best food in the region. The romance of dining on a several-course meal by candlelight in…
Archaeological Site in Around Copán Ruinas


Situated for defense on a mountainside, the earth shifting due to subterranean water flow here has left the remains twisted into unusual formations. This site was occupied both before and after the long Copan dynast…
Archaeological Site in Around Copán Ruinas

Los Sapos

The sapos (toads) are old Maya stone carvings, set along a hiking trail in the hills next to Hacienda San Lucas (they'll give you a map). The site is connected with Maya fertility rites and is one of a few with simi…