Dangers & Annoyances

  • Never venture into the rainforest without a guide. Trails are faint and overgrown: hikers can become hopelessly lost.
  • Malaria is present and sand flies carry nasty blood parasites: bring insect repellent and antimalarial pills (Chloroquine works here). A water purification kit and a no-see-um–proof mosquito net are also good to have.
  • This is one of Central America's main drug-running corridors: the Honduran military is here in force, and there's a noticeably dodgy vibe in some towns. Your chances of being affected are slim, but ask around to minimize your risks.


Puerto Lempira is the only place in the region with an ATM but there's only one, so if it breaks you'll be as they say, up the creek without a lempira.

Tourist Information

La Moskitia Ecoaventuras has decades of experience in the Moskitia, and owner Jorge Salaverri is a native of the region. He has several tours from overland and backpacker-style to deluxe and more comfortable. The biggest advantage of a tour is that activities are arranged (boating, fishing, birdwatching etc) in places where it can be difficult to arrange activities independently.

Another good person to speak to is Jon Tompson, owner of Vino Tinto in Trujillo, who has traveled widely in the region.