Tahitian in Atuona & Around

Snack Make Make

Opposite the post office, this long-standing, very friendly joint serves everything from burgers and chow mein to curried goat and garlic shrimp. Smaller (read: normal-sized) portions are available of many dishes fo…
in Hiva Oa

Snack Kaupe – Chez Kahu

Blink and you’ll miss this discreet venture conveniently positioned across from Espace Culturel Paul Gauguin (no sign). No culinary extravaganza here, just a few classics faultlessly prepared (grilled sirloin, grill…
Restaurant in Atuona & Around

Hoa Nui

Hidden amid junglelike foliage, this modest eatery specialises in Marquesan cuisine (think pork, fish, seafood or goat), though the desserts are disappointing. Cash only.
International in Atuona & Around

Hotel Hanakéé Hiva Oa Pearl Lodge

Probably the number-one spot for fine dining in Hiva Oa, and certainly the most suitable place for a romantic soirée. The sweeping views from the terrace are impressive enough, but the excellent French-influenced cu…
Tahitian in Atuona & Around

Relais Moehau

Headliners here include chaud froid de thon (seared tuna), grilled wahoo, and marinated raw shrimp with coconut sauce, but the pizzas (available dinner only) are very good too. The tiled terrace overlooking Atuona b…
Marquesan in Atuona & Around

Temetiu Village

With panoramic views from the open-air dining room, a convivial atmosphere and delectable (and copious) Marquesan specialities, such as seafood or goat, this place is worth the short drive. Credit cards are accepted…
Marquesan in Puamau

Pehekua – Chez Marie- Antoinette

Most visitors on a day trip from Atuona usually have lunch here (by reservation only). The dining room looks tired but the real hit is the tasty Marquesan food (fresh fish, goat, pork). The tohua Pehe Kua is in its …
Creperie in Atuona & Around

Salon de The Chez Eliane & Cyber Cafe

A cosy little lounge with wi-fi (500 CFP per hour) and a little snack bar serving crêpes (sweet and savory), burgers, coffee and ice-cold coconuts. It's right next to the Espace Culturel Paul Gauguin.