The best way to acquaint yourself with the island is by taking the loop trail along the coastline, taking around two hours to complete. There are several steep flights of steps along the south side of the island, and en route you pass through pine groves, by cliffs where puffins and seagulls nest, and alongside several stunning beaches.

The northeast of Herm is best for white-sand beaches. Along the north coast, look out for the Pierre Aux Rats obelisk, erected to mark the former location of the island's most famous Neolithic grave. Also in the northern half of the island, along the trail from the harbour to Shell Beach is Robert's Cross – an impressive Neolithic tomb. Just before the turnoff for Shell Beach from Fisherman's Beach is a tiny waterfront cemetery, consisting of a single grave of a mother and child who died of cholera aboard a ship in 1832 and had to be buried here in haste.