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Top Choice Caribbean in Cap-Haïtien


One of the busiest restaurants in Cap-Haïtien, and it’s not hard to see why. There are tables facing the seafront where you can enjoy a drink, otherwise you step inside to eat under bamboo thatch and load up on gene…
in Port-Au-Prince & Around


‘Caribbean fusion’ aren’t words you expect to see written in a Haitian restaurant review, but Papaye carries off the idea with considerable aplomb, taking Creole dishes and jamming them up against Asian, European an…
Top Choice Caribbean in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Assiette Creole

Tremendously popular with local office workers, this place serves up very generous portions of excellent- quality Creole cuisine. You can take away or sit at the tables with umbrellas.
Caribbean in Cap-Haïtien


A self-styled sports bar above a supermarket sounds unimpressive, but this restaurant is actually a cut above. As well as Creole classics there are some good continental and American mains, good service and a well-s…
in Jacmel

Salubria Gallery

The Salubria Gallery is an eclectic gallery in a blue-and-white fin-de-siècle house owned by American professor Robert Bricston. The walls are packed with paintings, even the bathrooms and bedrooms; you trail around…
in Jacmel

Yaquimo Restaurant & Bar

Something of a beach bar, the Yaquimo has a bit of everything, mixing good food with decent music and plenty of drinks. It’s a popular place for bands to play at weekends, when there’s an admission charge of around …
in Jacmel

Le Buffet Resto-Bar

Le Buffet is a hole-in-the-wall place serving simple but satisfying Creole dishes. Ask what’s available that day – usually chicken, griyo (pork) or kabrit (goat) with plantains, undoubtedly washed down with a cold P…
Caribbean in Jacmel

Petit Coin Restaurant

A cozy little restaurant with a hint of French bistro. Three tables on a tiny terrace allow you to catch the last of the day’s sun and people-spot before retiring to the interior. The menu is Creole, with a couple o…
in Jacmel

La Crevette

This place has a long covered dining area that overlooks the wharf and sea, so you’ll be unsurprised to find seafood playing heavily on the menu. It’s particularly busy at weekends, when locals also come for the coc…
in Port Salut

Chez Guito

Opposite Hôtel du Village, this decent beach bar (albeit sitting on the opposite side of the road) is the place to head for fish and lambi, a cold Prestige and a sweet compas soundtrack.